“…Everyone who has family can relate to this story, and I’m not saying all parts, but maybe, and definitely some part of it. Once the author introduces us to the characters we’ll be following, you become attached…”

“… The author has developed the characters of this book quite well. You will quickly find yourself rejoicing and grieving with them through each triumph and loss.” 

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Ivy Lee’s Rue now available!!

This story follows Ivy Lee, a warm, compassionate, joyous woman from her childhood in rural North Carolina. The circumstances of her life were not ideal. When a life altering “condition” consumed her, she reached a crossroad. Family secrets and hushed decisions kept the one thing she loved out of reach. She held hope at the cliff of the consuming psychological madness as she longed for peace, clarity, and joy.

Author Bio

Valerie D. Wade, author of the debut novel, Ivy Lee’s Rue and the upcoming novella, Leaving Jacksonville, is a lifelong resident of Michigan; born in Detroit and raised in Highland Park. She is a Research Administrator, alumna of Wayne State University, published poet, literacy tutor, and animal lover. Her love of writing began in her teen years. She loves spending time with her adult children and grandchildren, and plans to continue her dream of learning to play drums.